Hexacon USA was established in 1996 by Ebbe Hviid Christensen, who was at the same time one of the founders of the international Hexacon Group. Having worked several years in the USA for the Danish Ministry of Business and Industries, Ebbe Hviid Christensen had the right background to continue servicing and advising international companies - now as a part of the new-developed Hexacon Group.

It is impossible to describe America as a market - it is a continent! The opportunities are vast - the competition unbelievable. Described in headlines the US market maintains its high level of economic growth and more American companies are becoming international. The American consumer market is still the largest and the strongest in the world.

Gigantic size is a keyword no matter whether we talk opportunities, distances, competition - or consumption. Therefore local market knowledge is crucial for exploiting the opportunities on this big market.

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